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Little Feet Party

A child’s 1st and 2nd birthdays are often enjoyed as a family group event. This in mind, the studio lends itself to being an ideal venue for families to gather and enjoy the activity together. There will be reduced studio fees and a complimentary signature plate for parties of 7 or more.

DIY Party Box

DIY Party box to do at home

Art Party

For any group or family wanting to commemorate, celebrate or record an event in their lives such as a wedding, birth or anniversary. Groups of 7 or more receive reduced studio fees and a complimentary signature plate for groups of 10 or more. These groups can pre-order finger food and glasses are provided should they wish to bring some bubbly or wine.

Birthday Party

Parents (other than the birthday family) will only need to stay and supervise children if they are very young or not happy being left

All children paint a piece of bisque from a set but wide choice of pieces. Everyone enjoys a classic children’s party spread. The birthday child receives a complimentary signature plate for bookings of 7 or more guests). Pottery can be collected within a week.

Pandemonium Pots provide protective aprons or full cover ups to save clothes from paint spills

Big Kid Party

Be it a 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, retirement or staff do, adults can enjoy a Pandemonium Pots Party the same as children although we can organise a more bespoke celebration to suit and deals on prices can be negotiated according to budget and catering requirements.

Make your own or commission a unique piece to celebrate any event

Hen/Engagement Party

All the hens paint bisque pieces of their own choosing according to what they want to spend. Groups of 7 or more can enjoy reduced studio fees plus a larger item such as a charger plate at a reduced price, should they wish to create a gift joint effort. The Bride-to-be receives a complimentary signature plate for groups of 10 or more. Ladies are more than welcome to bring their own vino or bubbly and we can supply the glasses at no charge. A finger food buffet would be at an agreed extra cost.

Team/Staff Party

for staff parties, end of year/season treat, team building or just getting to know your colleagues better in an ‘out of work’ relaxed and fun but productive environment and team bonding strengthened. These groups benefit from the same reduced studio fees and signature plate offer.


Got a birthday party at Pandemonium Pots?  Want some free invitations?  Choose from the two designs below, just click and print!

A4 Invite 1.pdf A4 Invite 2.pdf